New York:

New Jersey


Venues from the past:

  • 71st Regiment Armory (Manhattan)
  • Irving Hall (Manhattan)
  • St. Nicholas Arena (Manhattan)
  • 22nd Regiment Armory (168th St. and Broadway, Manhattan) [ photo ]
  • Grand Central Palace (Lexington Ave. and 43rd St., Manhattan) [ photo ]
  • Harry Hill's Coliseum (Houston St., Manhattan)
  • MacArthur Stadium (15th Ave. and 86th St., Brooklyn)
  • New Amsterdam Hall (W. 44th St., Manhattan)
  • New York Hippodrome (6th Ave. and 43rd St., Manhattan) [ photo ]
  • Star Casino / New Lenox Sporting Club (Park Ave. and 107th St., Manhattan)
  • Sulzer's Harlem Casino (127th St. and 2nd Ave., Manhattan) [ photo ]
  • Madison Square Garden Bowl (Queens)
  • Ridgewood Grove Sporting Club (Queens)
  • Sunnyside Garden (Queens)
  • Broadway Arena (Halsey Street near Broadway, Brooklyn)
  • Stauch's Arena (Stillwell Ave. and Bowery St., Brooklyn)
  • New York Coliseum (E. 177th St. and Bronx River Ave., Bronx) [ article ]
  • Hempstead Arena (Hempstead)
  • Laurel Garden (Newark)
  • New Haven Coliseum (New Haven)

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