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01/22/1909 - Brooklyn, NY - Star Theatre
George Bothner vs TBA (Fritz Hansen or Emanuel Brugglio)

01/28/1909 - New York, NY - Madison Square Garden [II] (3,000)
Jim Galvin drew Neil Olsen
Handicap Match (must throw 3 men in 30min): Ernest Siegfried def R.H. Schwartz (2:00), Frank Pascol (4:46), Butch Miller (5:40)

04/06/1909 - New York, NY - Long Acre AC (part of a boxing card)
Young Monday def Ed Alstice

04/25/1909 - New York, NY - Brown's Gym
Welterweight Title: William Bingham def James Walsh

11/12/1909 - Jersey CIty, NJ - 4th Regiment Armory
George Bothner (2-0) Will Bingham

11/22/1909 - New York, NY
Eberhardt Halm vs Young Atlas
Fritz Mohl vs Carl Hibbs
Neil Olsen vs George Schnable
Pat Connolly (NC) Con O'Kelly

11/29/1909 - New York, NY - Sulzer's Casino
Hjalmar Lundin (2-0) Will Schmidt
Pat Connolly (sub Joe Rogers) def Pangal

12/01/1909 - New York, NY - Madison Square Garden [II]
Handicap Match: Benjamin F. Roller (15:00 FTT) Frank Gotch
Jim Aspell def Jack McCormick

12/02/1909 - New York, NY - Long Acre AC (part of a boxing card)
Ted Murphy (15min limit draw) Young Monday

12/22/1909 - New York, NY - Harlem Casino
Hans Koch (2-0) Giovanni Raicevich

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