"O'Mahoney tosses Steele at the Garden"
unknown source, February 19, 1935

Daniel O'Mahoney, Ireland's aspirant to the world's heavyweight wrestling title, made his New York debut before about 4,000 fans in Madison Square Garden last night, defeating Ray Steele, veteran Californian, in 17 minutes 2 seconds. The victory kept intact O'Mahoney's record of successes since arriving in the United States last December.

O'Mahoney won with a combination of a wristlock and hiplock, with a body hold as the finishing touch. Two applications of the hold called the "Irish whip" were necessary against Steele.

The Irish grappler displayed fine defensive ability and great speed on the attack. In the first five minutes he applied two headlocks and a head scissors that had Steele twisting and squirming. He used a full nelson twice to pound Steele's head on the mat. When Steele attempted headlocks, O'Mahoney applied crotch and leg holds and tossed the Californian away. O'Mahoney weighed 217 pounds, Steele 215.

Ernie Dusek, 220, Omaha, threw John Swenski, 206, Boston, with a body hold in 21 minutes 57 seconds of the closing exhibition, scheduled for thirty minutes.

Sandor Szabo, 214, Hungary, and Rudy Dusek, 220, Omaha, drew in a thirty-minute exhibition. George Zaharias, 231, Colorado, threw Babe Jacobs, 308, California, in 11:08 with a body and crotch hold. Carl Pojello, 203, tossed Abe Goldberg, 205, in 15:58 with a body and crotch hold. In the opening exhibition of thirty minutes Al Bisignano, 222, Italy, and Charley Strack, 226, Spring Valley, wrestled to a draw.

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