"Boesch is pinned by Dick Shikat"
New York Sun, June 14, 1935

Dick Shikat, German wrestler, defeated Paul Boesch of Brooklyn in the main bout at the Jamaica Arena last night, after 26:21 of spirited work. Shikat substituted for Rudy Dusek of Omaha, and proved to be a suitable opponent for the big Brooklynite. Shikat started in furious fashion and seemed determined to make short work of the bout. However, Boesch gave Shikat plenty of trouble and at one time appeared on the verge of throwing the German

Shikat used several head locks and arm locks in rapid succession near the end of the first half, and Boesch was tired when his opponent decided on another form of attack. Boesch gave the fans a surprise at that point when he assumed the aggressive and sent Shikat spinning across the ring with a flurry of low tackles which he followed with a head lock.

From then on the milling was about even until Shikat threw Boesch to the mat with much force, using a crotch lift and body slam. As Boesch writhed on the ring floor, Shikat jumped on him to make the fall complete. Shikat weighed 226 pounds and Boesch 220 1/2.

Tony Ricco, New Jersey, 200, downed Joe Campbell, West Side, 205, in 11:32. Dick Daviscourt, California, 225, tossed Harry Finkelstein, Texas, 210, in 10:46. Walter Podolak, Poland, 205, threw Joe (Little) Beaver, Oklahoma, 233, in 19:53. Floyd Marshall, Arizona, 225, and Eli Fischer, Rutgers University, 213, drew in 30 minutes.

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